Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Paintings in Real Life...

where have i been the last few weeks?...
i've been caring for a sick lil babe, working my buns off,
 and getting some paintings finished up as well
 as starting a new commission piece for a client...
whew! it's been pretty crazy around these parts!

i have some super exciting news to share with you today tho! 
i'm thrilled to announce that if you live in the nyc area you can now view my paintings on display at the coffee shop

in williamsburg!

stop by and have a beverage
(their cappuccino was delish today!)
and take a peek at my work!

as always, if you don't live in the area, 
you can check out my work over HERE to view or purchase.

{El Beit
158 bedford ave btwn n 8th/n 9th}

{right in the front window}

{they definitely bring some color into the place} 
{kathleen, euginia, collette, makenna...
all the girls, just hanging out at the coffee shop}


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